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Voltage Divider Lite

50:1 Voltage divider for CNC Plasma. 
The lite version is a simplified format with screw terminals for easy hookup and comes preset at 50:1. The same basic circuit as the adjustable divider, but in a smaller format and more cost effective. It can also come in 20:1 or 16:1 (in the order drop down) . If you need another divided voltage, just ask.


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For ArcDroid users: It has come to my attention that ArcDroid is not sending out the code to unlock THC to many people. Please contact Arcdroid with your serial number and be sure they will send you the code. I will also note, THC is no longer a feature listed anywhere on their website that I can find.

Hookup instructions below. If you have problems, email me at  
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 when your divider ships.

Voltage Divider Lite

Only 4 left in stock!

$99 CAD + $1 shipping
Shipped Worldwide


*If you intend to use the CNC port on your Plasma Machine that has inline resistors on the "Raw voltage" pins, choose Everlast or Primeweld Cut 60. 

V Div Lite

V Div Lite
with Enclosure

The Divider Lite with durable 3D printed enclosure. Allows the cover to be removed to gain access to the adjustment pot if you need to tweak your output voltage. 

V Div Lite.png
V Div Enclosure.png

All purchases billed in CAD. 

Hookup is easy. Arc + and Arc - is your input. Div + and Div - is the divided output voltage.

Wires from your plasma cutter CNC port or + and - lugs inside plasma cutter, go to the Arc V + and Arc V - of the voltage divider. The Div + and Div - then go to your THC controller on your CNC plasma. Simple as that.


Questions or concerns can be sent to

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