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Adjustable Voltage Divider

This is the Adjustable Voltage Divider for your ArcDroid.
Please note - the unit comes with an SP13 connector but you must supply the wire and make the appropriate solder connections to your plasma cutter and the ArcDroid. You should have a multi-meter to test connections and dial in final voltage output.

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Purchase: Pre-order

The initial run will be 24 units. Please select your location from the drop down menu then click "Buy Now." If you don't want to use PayPal for your purchase, use the red "buy now" button below and fill out the form or contact me at and I can send a secure payment link via Wave payments. Any questions can be directed to

Expected to ship by end of March.

For those outside of North America, please use the red "buy now" button and fill out the form, I will send a secure payment link once I figure out shipping costs to your location.

Adj. V Divider (Ship in Canada)

$109 CAD Shipped

Adj. V Divider (Ship to USA)

$119 CAD Shipped

(Approx. $89 USD Shipped)

All purchases billed in CAD. 

For non-Paypal Payment


Questions or concerns can be sent to

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