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Little 65 Reverb

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The Little 65 Reverb was the first custom amp designed and built at Amp Mechanic. As with all our tube amps, everything is made by hand in house. From the component boards being drilled and eyelets pressed, the chassis being cut and assembled, to the hand built cabinet that every assembled chassis is placed in. All done here, one by one. 

There are some specially designed and unique features in the layout and circuitry of the Little 65.  Such as an early volume (operates like on a blackface princeton) coupled with the most usable Master Volume on the market. You can dial in shimmering fender cleans or dirt things up a bit with the volume and attenuate the overall output with the Master to keep everyone happy and not sacrifice tone.

Next up is the specially designed single tube reverb circuit. In order to save some space, to keep things light and compact but not sacrifice that great Fender reverb sound, a single tube reverb was designed. With a much more usable sweep on the Reverb control you can dial in a subtle space all the way to a surf rock wash of spring reverb.

Lastly, is the cathodyne style phase inverter running in fixed bias mode. This unique feature allows the amp to maintain the sonic qualities of a vintage Fender at low to moderate volumes yet get dirty like a tweed when cranked up without the low end falling apart. 

The Little 65 is only available in 1x12 combo format at this time.



2 - 6V6 output section, 14 Watts

3 - 12AX7 preamp (including a 1 tube Reverb circuit)

Genuine MOD Reverb tank

12" Eminence Wizard Speaker (Private Jack optional)

Controls - Volume, Treble, Bass, Master Volume, Reverb

Solid Pine Cabinet

Price: $1950 CAD

Out of Stock

To order, click the button below and send me an email. Payments are only through PayPal at this time.

*All amps sold are prototype as-is. 

****Adjust Volume before playing clips**** 

Little 65 Reverb Demo clips: Watch in HD for the best experience