Services and Price List

This is for reference only, please contact us for estimates or to discuss what you need.

General Shop Rate


This is the hourly rate is used as a base to calculate all repair costs. Most of the time, estimates can be provided within a certain range. 

Bench Fee


This is the minimum fee to look at and diagnose an item. Most of the time you will be provided an estimate for the total repair bill (this $50 is put towards the repair cost). If you decide not to proceed with the repair this will be the amount owing when you pickup the item. Amp Mechanic has the final decision on any changes made to this fee.

Rush Repair Fee


Wait times can fluctuate depending on how many repairs jobs are in the shop. If you need it quickly and we have the parts available, there is a charge to move to the front of the line.

Tube Amp Bias


As there are a wide variety of amps out there and different methods needed to bias them, I usually charge by time with the general shop rate. I prefer to measure the tube performance in operation and calculate values for the bias to find the optimal point so you get good tube life and great tone. And yes, your cathode bias amps need to have the bias set.

Instrument Related Repairs and Installs

Electric Guitar Pickup Install (solid body)

One pickup........................... $60

Two Pickups......................... $80

Hollow Body Pickup Install

One pickup........................... $90

Two Pickups......................... $125

Acoustic Pickup Install


This is a minimum starting point. Final price depending on the complexity of the Install. Estimate will usually be provided.

General Instrument Repairs


Most simple repairs come to this amount. Fixing or replacing an endpin jack or general cleaning of electronics, simple wiring repair. A pot replacement could be less depending on how difficult it is to get to.

Acoustic Preamp Repair


We generally do not repair acoustic preamps, it's much cheaper to buy a new preamp and have us install it than try and troubleshoot it. If a repair is possible, an estimate will be given. Again this is a starting price as there are a wide variety of preamp types and whether modifications need to be done to fit the new unit or not, will affect this.