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The Runaway

The Runaway is a British inspired amp with elements from many of the popular EL84 based amps from American builders except this one is designed and built at Amp Mechanic. As with all our tube amps, everything is made by hand in house. From the component boards being drilled and eyelets pressed, the chassis being cut and assembled, to the hand built cabinet that every assembled chassis is placed in. All done here, one by one. 

There are some specially designed and unique features in the layout and circuitry of the Runaway.  The volume control coupled with a very dynamic custom modded tone stack allows you to dial in bright vox style chimey cleans, fenderesque cleans or true British rock dirt, from vox to marshal, all while being able to attenuate the overall output with the Master to keep everyone happy and not sacrifice tone. While having many sonic elements from great designs by Trainwreck or Dr. Z, I believe this amp is much more usable at lower volumes and has more tonal capabilities while still being able to rip at high volume if need be. 

The reverse wired Cut control adds a further dimension to the usability of the tone stack. Something special happens when you want to run higher amounts of treble or mids but cut those back before reaches the power amp. The bloom and brightness helps to really punch though a mix while never getting out of control. Or if you dig those thick full jazz tones with lots of low mids yet notes stay defined, the Cut makes it possible. 

Lastly, the Master Volume allows you to control and rein in the amp. This amp is very loud when compared to many other 15watt amps and the very transparent Master Volume allow you to have a workable loudness in any situation. It can go from whisper quiet to all out snarling screaming monster. The Master also helps to keep the noise floor low when going for more clean and exposed parts. 

This really is one of the most diverse amps available.



2 - 6p14p (EL84) output section, 15 Watts

3 - 12AX7 preamp

12" Eminence Wizard Speaker

Controls - Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Cut, Master Volume.

Solid Pine Head and 1x12 Speaker cabinet Cabinet

(Click on Large image to open full screen)

Price: $2250 CAD

Out of Stock

To order, click the button below and send me an email. Payments are only through PayPal at this time.

*All amps sold are prototype as-is. 

The Runaway Demo clips: Watch in HD for the best experience

The Runaway

The Runaway

The Runaway
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The Runaway by Amp Mechanic

The Runaway by Amp Mechanic

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